Power Flushing will clean a central heating system, improve radiator performance and actually get non working radiators working again, energy efficiency and overallheat output.

Reduce the risk of boiler failure:
Assuming that no other faults exist, accumulated deposits of sludge and scale can restrict the transfer of heat to the extent that the boiler can overheat and fracture on an unmaintained system. Power flushing reduces the likelihood of this occurring.

Reduces Fuel Bills:
In untreated systems, corrosion particles can accumulate in pipework. 3mm of limescale inside your domestic boiler can add 18% to yourfuel bill. Curent British Standard require that prior to a new boiler installation, the system must be cleaned. Power flushing is the best way to do this.

Pump Seizure:
Black oxide sludge is magnetic and abrasive. It puts excess pressure and wear on pump bearings which is one of the most common causes of pump faliure.

Quick and Simple Service:
We simply connect our equiptment to your pump or radiators, add some chemicals to desludge your system and then cleanse it. Most Powerflushers can be done in just one visit. It is a clean and efficent service.

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Boiler scrappage scheme .Scotland

Boiler Scrappage Scheme for landlords
The Scottish Government introduced the boiler scrappage scheme in November and up to 750 landlords in Scotland can claim £400 off the cost of a new boiler.

The Scottish Government boiler scrappage scheme offers cashback to encourage private landlords to install better boilers for tenants.

Landlords can apply for the Boiler Scrappage Scheme by calling the Scottish Government's one stop shop on home energy - the Home Energy Hotline - on 0800 512 012.

The scheme will be open to landlords with the most inefficient, G-rated boilers. If eligible, landlords will receive a £400 voucher towards the installation of a new boiler. The scheme will operate on a first come, first served basis. New boilers must be installed within 12 weeks of requesting the voucher.

The Hotline provides a range of advice on schemes for landlords. Landlords can also access interest-free loans for energy efficiency microgeneration measures through the small business loan scheme and get tax breaks through the Landlord's Energy Savings Allowance.

For further information visit the Energy Saving Trust website at :-

We are delighted to announce that Vaillant has been voted as winner of the two premier award categories at the prestigious Corgi Awards 2010.

Vaillant has been awarded both Heating Manufacturer of the Year and Green Manufacturer of the Year by installers in the UK. These fantastic awards, in addition to coming top of the 'Which?' report in September for reliability and customer satisfaction, reinforce Vaillant systems as the choice of a professional.

The Corgi Awards are the only industry awards that allowed you to vote for the manufacturer you think deserved to win.

We would like to thank everyone who voted for Vaillant at the awards.

Boiler scrappage scheme .

The government's boiler scrappage scheme has proven so popular that all available 125,000 money-saving vouchers have been snapped up in less than four months.

Launched in January, the scheme was open to any household which relied on a G-rated gas boiler to power its central heating.

The vouchers provided £400 off the cost of either a new gas condensing boiler, wood-burning biomass boiler or renewable energy ground source heat pump.

However, the campaign is now closed to new entrants, with all of the vouchers accounted for, which could highlight the success of the campaign.

Lord Hunt, energy and climate change minister, said: "The scheme's been a great success and is already helping people cut down on their fuel bills. An A-rated energy efficient boiler can help save around £200 a year off fuel bills and reduce emissions."

While the scheme may now be closed, Britons may still wish to upgrade their central heating systems by investing in a new condensing boiler in order to lower their carbon footprint and utility bills.

Best Boilers.

Vaillant and Worcester – the Best Boilers?

Traditionally Worcester-Bosch and Vaillant are acknowledged as the best boiler brands for which I would agree (despite the fact that I am not an installer and have never got down and dirty with such an animal). How then do I then reach this conclusion? Well, years of talking to both installers and home-owners pay homage to these brands.
In my experience most engineers and installers choose to install either Worcester orVaillant boilers and most informed home-owners will ask for a Worcester or Vaillantboiler, partly due in part I suspect to the respective manufacturers larger marketing budgets. Glowing reports in consumer magazines also help. Which? magazine (September 2009) in their ‘Best and Worst Boiler Brands’ rated both Vaillant andWorcester as their ‘Best Brands’ scoring both an impressive 83%.
The Which? report asked 3,000 of it members about their personal experiences with their boiler. Just 26% of Vaillant owners have had any problems with their new boiler in the last four years.
My Worcester Greenstar 35 HE Plus
My Worcester Greenstar 35 HE Plus
Worcester is the most frequently bought boiler brand by those surveyed and just 29% of owners had experienced any problems. My own personal experience of Worcester is echoed. I am the owner of a six year old Worcester Greenstar 35 HE plus. Up to now the boiler has not once let me down!

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Boiler Scrappage scheme in Scotland.

Following the popularity of the recently unveiled boiler scrappage scheme in England, the Scottish government is set to launch a similar programme, which may be welcome news for consumers looking to increase the efficiency of their heating.

Scottish finance secretary John Swinney has seen his latest budget past, although several cuts have been invoked after the minister admitted there would be tough times for the country ahead.

However, a boiler scrappage scheme is not to be cut from the agenda, with £2 million set to go towards it.

It is hoped the programme will see the central heating systems of Scottish homes being modernised and will provide up to £400 in assistance to anyone currently using the oldest working boilers in their homes.

Furthermore, more money is also to be put towards affordable housing.

In England, homeowners can apply to the Energy Saving Trust for a £400 voucher if they currently have a G-rated boiler and wish to upgrade, although the discount is limited and demand has been high.

The voucher can then be put towards money off the cost of a condensing boiler, biomass boiler or ground source heat
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