Boiler Scrappage scheme in Scotland.

Following the popularity of the recently unveiled boiler scrappage scheme in England, the Scottish government is set to launch a similar programme, which may be welcome news for consumers looking to increase the efficiency of their heating.

Scottish finance secretary John Swinney has seen his latest budget past, although several cuts have been invoked after the minister admitted there would be tough times for the country ahead.

However, a boiler scrappage scheme is not to be cut from the agenda, with £2 million set to go towards it.

It is hoped the programme will see the central heating systems of Scottish homes being modernised and will provide up to £400 in assistance to anyone currently using the oldest working boilers in their homes.

Furthermore, more money is also to be put towards affordable housing.

In England, homeowners can apply to the Energy Saving Trust for a £400 voucher if they currently have a G-rated boiler and wish to upgrade, although the discount is limited and demand has been high.

The voucher can then be put towards money off the cost of a condensing boiler, biomass boiler or ground source heat

New Boilers for Landlords. rental demand likely to prove strong for the foreseeable future in the UK landlords may wish to consider investing in a more efficient boiler in order to attract tenants with the promise of lower bills.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, landlords are now legally obliged to show new tenants the Energy Performance Certificate score of the property they are planning to let.

As a result, the trust notes it is worth looking at ways of reducing the energy bills attached with rental properties.

The group suggests this will attract tenants by showing them the landlord is committed to reducing any harmful impact on the environment, along with utility bills.

One way of achieving this could be through installing a new condensing boiler, which can cut annual heating bills by as much as a third.

Under the government's boiler scrappage scheme, both landlords and tenants are eligible to apply for money off such an appliance.

Such action may prove valuable, after Alan Ward, chairman of the Residential Landlords Association, said rental demand is likely to prove strong for some time to come.

Condensing boilers

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Buying a home has been found to be the most stressful experience in many Britons' lives, but looking out for a new boiler could make it an easier experience.

New research by has found that buying a property beats even having a baby, starting a new job or getting married when it comes to stress levels.

Indeed, while 25 per cent of respondents admitted buying a new home was the most stressful experience of their lives, it was found to be no easier the second time round, with 41 per cent of second-time buyers stating the experience had been just as or even more stressful.

Karen Barrett, chief executive of, notes: "Buying a home is probably the most expensive decisions you will ever make and involves lots of complicated stages. But there are some simple things you can do to take at least a little of the stress out of buying a home."

The Energy Saving Trust advises new buyers there are a number of property features they should be looking at for when they view a new home.

It advises people to enquire as to the age of the current boiler, as if it is over 15 years old it is likely to need replacing soon.

Ensuring it is replaced with a condensing boiler could see people saving a third on they're heating bills, it adds.To coincide with Vaillants up and coming promotion we will be offering some very competitive prices to fit ant of the valiant range.


I would fit a vaillant ecotec 837. I have run two ex power shower of it. The vaillant is in my opinion far better quality. It has a far better pedigree than any of the worcester range. The only reason to go with the worcester is if it has to be floor standing. Worcester are not the same manufacturer they used to be and are still living on their old reputation.They use too much plastic. I have been called to no end of greenstars with pinholed plastic. You will find the installers with the best reputations in your area fit vaillant. If you must fit a worcester the 440 is there best offering.

The first quote of £4900 is taking the p*** Grit bas by any chance.
 I also would insist on a magnetic filter they make a lot of difference 

to the efficiency and longevity of the system. 
I still think you are better with a vaillant and you'll get a better warranty. Vaillant give our customers 3 years. If you buy the same boiler off who I suspect you got your first quote you get 1.

Boiler quotes

My house has 5 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and is occupied by both myself,
 my wife and three sons aged 15, 13 and 9.
 Two of the bathrooms are used simultaneously each morning,
but our current 11 year old boiler (Saunier Duval Thelia Twin 28e)
can only cope with supplying water/pressure to one shower at a time
and any attempt to use a 2nd shower
simultaneously, or turning on any other taps results in reduced pressure.

It is vital that the new system meets the following criteria:
- More efficient and reliable
- Cheaper to run
Any ideas.?

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